PCB Design and Layout

circuit board fabricationCONCEPTUAL CIRCUIT DESIGN & LAYOUT

SHAX Engineering offers PCB Design Service and development for digital and analog circuits as an individual service or as part of our end-to-end Electronics Manufacturing service.

The PCB design service is an integral part of our PCB total solution services. By using our PCB design service, your functional requirements and specifications will be maintained from the initial design phase to prototype and NPI production phase.

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Reverse Engineering is required when a circuit board on systems has functional problems due to failure of an obsoleted or hard to find parts or component. In some cases when the original manufacturer’s is no longer in business. Other reason is the original manufacturer lost or has no longer the capabilities to produce good new boards since he has no longer have the design or manufacturing documents.

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circuit board manufacturingPROTOTYPE & NPI DEVELOPMENT

In most of the cases, engineers and inventors need to confirm their new ideas or a concept workability they need to implement prototyping concept.  In electronics the concept of the prototype will help engineers and scientist to learn more about the behaviors of the new products before it goes for manufacturing.

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