Industry and Technology

Information and Communication Technology

Information and communications technology (ICT) is the role of unified communications and the integration of telecommunications signals and computers, as well as necessary enterprise software, storage, and audiovisual elements that enable the storage and retrieval of data and voice.

Shax Engineering has helped many data and voice communications, and telecommunication manufacturers of microwave and multiplex for wire and wireless to design and develop and produce voice and data devices and equipment.


Medical equipment

Medical devices are becoming smaller and smarter. The goal is to stabilize patients and increase levels of health while providing medical teams with the tools necessary to save lives. Manufacturers need to reduce costs while increasing overall efficiency.


Automotive Electronics

In recent years, automotive electronics improvements have led to increasingly advanced features in vehicles including adaptive cruise control, park assistance, lane-keep assistance, pedestrian detection, and traffic-sign recognition.


Industrial and control

Factory automation; oil and gas; and chemical industries continue to innovate through ever-sophisticated computer-aided technologies. Shax Engineering has extensive experience working with clients to design and develop new product ideas into market-ready solutions.


Semiconductor industry

The semiconductor industry continues to innovate and push the limits of integrated circuits. With enhanced functionalities, the industry continues to generate ICs for almost everything. New ICs require test boards, load boards, burning boards, and evaluation boards. Shax Engineering has been involved in the industry since our inception and over 10,000 tests and eval boards have been designed, built and delivered to various customers across the industry. Shax Engineering continues to monitor the industry’s evolving landscape to provide best-in-class expertise and services.