Total Concept Solutions

Shax Engineering PCB Total Concept offers our clients the flexibility to manage and maintain cost-effective and on-time delivery of their products.  Time to market is an essential factor for driving customer success.  If a product does not make it to market on-time, it could result in a loss of revenue for a company. Not to mention, products that have many issues during initialization may cause customers to reject or lose enthusiasm for a second release. In addition, electronics product development requires vast knowledge and expertise that can accelerate manufacturing processes while mitigating risks that are associated with the technology and its development. Furthermore, line technicians and engineers should maintain the standard quality that would bring the product on-time as well as industry standards as expected.

Shax Engineering and Systems implemented design and manufacturing procedures that enable our customers to maintain a cost-effective manufacturing process while maintaining current or better quality. Electronics development processes are made available to our customers as a bundle or as an individual service. It is designed to tailor to customer needs and requirements.  The foundation of our customers-vendor relationship is built on integrity and reliability. Customers place their trust on us to take full ownership and responsibility throughout the lifecycle of a product. Our goal is “ZERO” defect product and if an issue does arise, we will identify and correct it immediately. Shax Engineering’s total concept solutions enables us to maintain control over a product’s quality and deliverables. Total Concept solutions substantially enhance the overall cost and delivery performance for your company while driving your company profitability high.