SHAX Engineering offers PCB Design Service and development for digital and analog circuits as an individual service or as part of our end-to-end Electronics Manufacturing service.

The PCB design service is and integral part of our PCB total solution services. By using our PCB design service, your functional requirements and specifications will be maintained from the initial design phase to prototype and NPI production phase. While our design service will benefit you in many ways,

Here is the following design activities we will carry out:

Conceptual Circuit Design

  • Assist with the general PCB Design Service requirements and specifications.
  • Analyze the component availability and provide recommendations on new materials and components
  • Investigate design trade-offs and provide recommendations on best possible design approaches.
  • Identify critical design issues and provide solutions to these issues such as High-Speed signal and Signal integrity.
  • Finalize PWR, GND, place decoupling, etc and generate layers stack up.
  • Integrate firmware and perform testing and debugging.
  • Determine circuit various sections and provide block diagrams for each section.

Prototype Development

  • Develop schematics for different sections of the PCB and produce circuit design blue prints.
  • Perform layout, PCB fabrication and assembly of the board to demonstrate PCB Design Service proof-of-concept
  • Test, debug and evaluate the real data
  • High speed and complex designs may require verifications and simulation
  • Identify weak areas on the design and suggest changes to strengthen the design
  • Demonstrate PCB Design Service functions and feature
  • Generate design documentation including schematics, Bill of Material and Assembly drawings
  • Recommend test equipment and fixture
  • Perform cost analysis

New Product Introduction – NPI

  • Integrate PCB design and development process into your company’s product manufacturing strategy
  • Modify PCB circuits design for manufacturing, apply circuit modification and component replacement
  • Evaluate process for lowering costs and enhance product performance
  • Lower product rework
  • Qualify parts and manufacturing materials to reduce obsolescence risk

 Benefits We Deliver 

We offer comprehensive beginning-to-end service reducing our customer’s cost structure and time to market. Key benefits to our customers include:

  • Professional management team with experience and flexibility to respond to your needs.
  • Workmanship that meets industry standards.
  • Access to specialized skills.
  • Single point of contact for project management.
  • Substantial cost reduction since our PCB design service is available as per your need.

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