PCB Quickturn


SHAX Engineering offers PCB Design Service and development for digital and analog circuits as an individual service or as part of our end-to-end Electronics Manufacturing service.

The PCB design service is an integral part of our PCB total solution services. By using our PCB design service, your functional requirements and specifications will be maintained from the initial design phase to prototype and NPI production phase. While our design service will benefit you in many ways. Here is the following design activities we will carry out:

  • We evaluate a customer’s concept, idea or specifications and establish electrical and industry standards required for successful design.
  • Determine circuit various sections and provide block diagrams for each section.
  • Assist with the general PCB Design Service requirements and specifications.
  • Analyze the component availability and provide recommendations on new materials and components.
  • Investigate design trade-offs and provide recommendations on best possible design approaches.
  • Identify critical design issues and provide solutions to these issues such as signal integrity etc.
  • Finalize PWR, GND, place decoupling, etc and generate layers stack up
  •  Integrate firmware and perform testing and debugging.
  • Generate schematics and blueprints documentations including NETLIST for layout.
  • Prepare package library and generate a placement of the parts involve in the design
  • Manage review cycles with the customers and perform necessary changes to satisfy the design objectives.
  • Perform routing cycle and maintain the circuit electrical and functionality characteristics.
  • Check and verify Netlist and output comparison and correct errors and any other issues related to the design.
  • Generate GERBER and other manufacturing files.