In most of the cases, engineers and inventors need to confirm their new ideas or a concept workability they need to implement prototyping concept.  In electronics the concept of the prototype will help engineers and scientist to learn more about the behaviors of the new products before it goes for manufacturing.  Secondly, generating prototype will help on enabling the engineers to generate accurate cost analysis and for the product and optimized their manufacturing overall cost. Shax Engineering help clients to produce prototypes for their new product concept.

Electronics products prototyping stage starts whenever the circuit design stage and layout design are completed, and the GERBER and manufacturing files are ready.  Additional steps and requirement needed to complete the prototype including:

  • Perform PCB fabrication and assembly in order to generate functional prototype
  • Test, debug and evaluate the real data
  • High speed and complex designs may require verifications and simulation
  • Identify weak areas on the design and suggest changes to strengthen the design
  • Demonstrate PCB Design Service functions and feature
  • Generate design documentation including schematics, Bill of Material and Assembly drawings
  • Recommend test equipment and fixture



New product introduction is the industry standard concept required by the customers to verify the products usability or benefits gain for it is use in an application.  Sometime called homologation process when the product involves large sum of money between the manufacturers and the clients.  Usually clients would make sure that product under homologation should meet certain stringent technical requirements. By evaluating process, the clients will be lowering the cost of the project and can enhance product performance while lowering product failure or compatibility requirements.

Another advantage of NPI clients could have the opportunity of qualifying parts quickly and apply to a new design and reduce the obsolescence risk.

Electronics components manufacturer tend to provide OEM and R&D engineers with the latest of their products for verification and testing.  Through the years Shax Engineering helps semiconductors manufacturers to build new product introductory quantities that meet their demand for marketing strategy.