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SHAX Engineering is an electronic design and manufacturing services company founded in 1998 by Isam Shakour, a veteran of the industry since 1980, with the prime objective of providing the industry with world-class electronics design services. Several years later, the idea of the total concept was considered when our clients demanded end-to-end electronic manufacturing services. Through the years, Shax Engineering expanded its services to encompass printed circuit board design, manufacturing, box, and rack build as well as systems engineering and assembly.

While Shax Engineering maintains its technological advantage, the company expanded its customer portfolio to include data and voice communications, wireless, medical, industrial, and control as well as a semiconductor. We address our customers’ needs promptly and timely and we made them our point of our focus. Our success is attributed to them and our partnership with them is the center of our business model.  We understand that their main concerns are product quality, reliability and on-time delivery. We pride ourselves in acquiring and maintaining ownership of their projects until we deliver a completed product back to them. Their success is our success and we are proud to be part of it. A true partnership with our customer is our primary objective from the first point of contact.

Shax Engineering’s total concept solution is our prime offer to ensure customers enjoy Peace of Mind and the headspace to focus on other business priorities.  Saving time and successfully managing tasks are the essence of success for any business organization. Our services are intended to meet or exceed our customer expectations. Since its inception, SHAX Engineering has provided competitive world-class services and we intend to keep it that way.