You Think it. We Build It.

My friends tell me electronics products are so complex that they may never understand how it is made. “It’s a puzzle!” I say to them, “It’s easy!” You just need to spend over three decades in design and manufacturing of electronic circuit boards and systems, then you will be able to understand your customers’ challenges and help them to succeed in developing their electronics products.

Shax Engineering has been in business for over two decades designing and developing circuit board products and systems from concept to production. Our goal is to make our clients succeed by accelerating the process of introducing their products to the market. Our solutions and timely actions have provided Peace of Mind to our clients. Upon successful completion of their project, our clients maintained a marketing edge over their competitors.

We have had experience in complex product design and assembly including circuit boards, box and shelf build, systems design, and assembly. These solutions are ranging from simple circuits to complex circuit boards. We adapt across all industries, including automotive, communications, networks, instrumentation, and control.

Shax Engineering technical staff has proper qualifications and certifications that will enable them to perform their duty according to IPC and industry standards. Before engaging with your project, we can provide you with honest and sincere advice and instructions free of charge. Our advice will enable you to optimize and bring your products up to industry manufacturing quality and standards.

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