How To Choose Your Design Engineer

When choosing the very best is critical:

You’ve got an all important new project. The future of your company depends on the success of this project so you have to make sure that the design is done right; so who you choose to do that design is critical. Then you’d better be careful you’d better choose carefully.

Here are five things to look for when looking for the best design Engineer possible

1. Qualifications and Experience: Does the design engineer have the right experience and technical competence to do the job right? Does she or he have the right skills? Check out previous projects this person has completed. Check out people she or he
has worked with? What do they say about him? Learn as much as you can about this design engineer, leave nothing to chance.

2. Problem solver: How does she or he face challenges? Can he solve difficult challenges? How has she overcome these challenges in the past? There are certain elements that are commonly problematic in printed board design and fabrication. By reviewing how the design engineer’s handled problems when came up in the past you will get a very good insight how she will handle any problems and challenges that come up in the future.

3. Efficiency: How efficient is the designer? Can she get things done in a timely manner? Is he well organized? If it is more than one person but an entire firm, how do they all work together? Do they function as one synergistic organization? Do they work well together? Do they work well with others? Can you give them the project and not worry about them making the required deadlines?

4. Budget: Whether you are dealing with one individual design engineer or an entire firm, when you receive a proposal or quote from them, check out the plausibility of that quote, does it make sense. Be suspicious of quotes that are too low. After all you are planning your entire project based on the prices your are given, if they change once the design is half over, if they start increasing costs at that point there is nothing you aregoing to be able to do about it. Be careful. Make sure that when they develop a budget they know what they are doing and will stick to it. That is the one and only way you will make money on the project.

5. Good to work with: Finally are they easy to work with. Is the design engineer a good guy besides being a good designer? Remember that you are going to be working very closely with this person so you have to make sure that this person is likeable, flexible, reliable and easy to work with if the design engineer does all of these things then your project will go smoothly.

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