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 A Great Value…A Great Offer… 

Shax eNews Sep 30,2014

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A Great Value…A Great Offer…

Shax Engineering: A Great Value A Great Offer

Special on Board Fabrication and Assembly:

If you are a designer laying out boards that you need fabricated and assembled


If you are a board Fabricator who needs boards assembled

If you are an OEM who needs boards Fabricated and Assembled

Then there is no better time than now

And no greater company to do it than Shax Engineering.

For the rest of this month and for the next thirty days we are offering a great value in circuit board Fabrication and Assembly Just call Lisa today and check out her offer.
It will be the best deal you’ve made in a long time.

Call us today at 408-452-1500!


I love the service I get when I use Shax,
they are not only producing the product on time and at great Quality, they are also looking out for me to make sure that we get it right!

I have been working with Shax Engineering for five years

and they have never let me down. Even the time when I sent them inaccurate data, they caught it, fixed it and delivered the assembled boards on time!