Rigid PCB Fabrication Capabilities 

SHAX Engineering & Systems’ PCB Fabrication shop has been operating since 1976. We have the capabilities to manufacture complex and technologically advanced multi-layers printed circuit boards. We produce custom boards to meet your requirements, specification and delivery time. SHAX Engineering established a manufacturing processes that support a seamless transition to volume production while continuing to driving down your fabrication cost.

Rigid Fabrication Services Include:

  • Quick Turnaround – 2 to 5 days (based on board complexity)
  • Prototypes Production Quantities
  • Gerber to CAD Netlist Comparison
  • NetList Testing: Flying Probe
  • Engineering Support Services
  • Design Rule Check
  • Layer Stack-Up and Special Materials Consulting

PC Board Attributes

Max Layer Count 20
Min Board Thickness 0.039"
Max Board Thickness 0.200"
Min Core Thickness 0.004"
Min Dielectric 0.002"
Min. Starting Copper Foil Weight 0.5 oz
Max. Finished Copper Thickness (O/L) 4 oz
Max. Finished Copper Thickness (I/L) 4 oz
Maximum Panel Size 18" x 24"
Minimum Panel Size 9" x 12"
Smallest Mech Drill Diameter 0.008"
Min Finished Hole Size .008"
Max Thru Hole Aspect Ratio 10:01
Min LW/LS (mils) .004"
Min Pad Size for test .005"
Process Pad Diameter D + .012"
Controlled Impedance Tolerance 10%
Solder Mask Registration .002"
Solder Mask Feature Tolerance .001"
Solder Mask Min Dam Size .004"
Min. Diameter Rout Cutter Available .024"
Routed Part Size Tolerance .010"
Bow & Twist Tolerance 7%
Thickness Tolerance 10%
Conductive Filled Vias Yes
Non Conductive Filled Vias Yes
Surface Finishes
HASL(Leaded ), Lead Free HASL,OSP (Shikoku F2), OSP (Enteck), ENIG (ElectrolessNicle/Immersion Gold), Immersion Silver, Soft Gold, Hard Gold, Selective Gold
Solder Mask
Semi – Gloss Green, Matte – Green, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow,
Legend All Colors
(Teflon)/ FR-4, Melco 4000-13, mPloyimide 555T, Thermount 55 ST, 85 MT, Bt
IPC-2221 and IPC-2222.

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