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 PCB Assembly 

Shax Engineering & Systems offers quick-turn, high-mix, low volume PCB assembly for prototype and new product introduction (NPI). These solutions are geared toward a wide variety of industries and are intended to facilitate the transition from the lab to production. Our capabilities are designed to meet engineers and project managers’ time constraints and project timeline. Our PCB assembly capabilities encompass through-hole to fine pitch Surface Mount Assembly (SMT) and we adhere to a quality control system throughout the manufacturing process to provide reliable services.


Up-to-date automated cell assembly equipment for fine pitch, mixed single/double sided, lead and lead-free PCB assemblies.


Customer will procure parts and materials and Shax Engineering will complete PCB assembly.


Cost reduction and time management is our responsibility when you select turnkey assembly. Shax Engineering will requisite all parts and materials as per the Bill of Materials.

Integrated Process:

Our PCB assembly is fully integrated with PCB design and PCB Fabrication Services. These integrated services are intended to provide a full function contract manufacturing service to reduce time and lower cost.

Material Management:

Our inventory control process secures material supplies, reduces production costs and improves delivery time.

Starting Point:

The PCB assembly checklist is the starting point for our process. Checklist elements include:

  • Bill of Materials – BOM
  • Parts coordination data (X-Y data)
  • Gerber file
  • Parts packages specifications
  • Fabrication Instructions
  • Time and delivery schedule
  • Special assembly instructions


Products manufactured by Shax Engineering will be warranted against manufacturing defects and workmanship failure.


Shax Engineering& Systems quality control system includes company standard practice processes and industry specific requirements. Our technicians are trained for assembly and rework that meet quality assurance standards including IPC and customer’s specific requirements such as medical, telecom and auto industries.

Material storage handling and delivery of finished product and/or services to meet customer needs are established to meet these standards. In addition, a computer system has been implemented for verification and order validation, control of work progress, engineering change order and material control.

Along with the final product, we provide revised assembly documents detailing final corrections. Information such as document revisions, issuing dates and effectiveness are defined. Additional quality system include:

  • Visual parts checked for damage
  • Taping condition inspected-dented package
  • Verified shipping documents
  • Verify purchase order and sales order numbers match
  • Verify manufacturer P/N, quantity, date code verification, RoHS
  • Inspect body faded markings, broken text, double print, ink stamps, etc.
  • Inspect parts physical condition (e.g. lead bands, scratches, chipped edges and any other visual irregularities)
  • Inspect parts on the boards coincide with the bill of material and the drawings
  • A clearly defined quality control process, documentation storage, delivery and handling
  • Systematic monitoring processes for critical assembly and rework methods
  • Customer surveys on services performed
  • Conduct analysis of Root-Cause; produce effective measurements for any corrections.
  • Consistent evaluation of our production quality and standards
  • Advise customers of any changes in manufacturing processes and practices

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