Sample Project 

Shax Engineering PCB design and engineering services span all fields; communications, medical, military and semiconductor. Our design resources cover a wide spectrum from double to multi-layers to high frequency designs, over 3 GHz, to analog and digital controlled impedance.

The following projects illustrate the breadth and depth of our design and engineering expertise:

  • Biometric Design

    Completed PCB design for electronics fingerprint system. The systems consist of DSP based modules capable of interfacing with the various sensors.

  • High-speed Server

    Completed system architecture and generated design documentation for a high-speed server. Five processing blades including: Internet packet processing, network interface, security, and storage were designed. In addition, a high-speed backplane was designed to provide interconnection between the blades.

  • DSP Design

    Designed a number of DSP IP and implemented VHDL code successfully for digital Feed Forward Equalizer and adaptive antenna. These were complex implementations including floating point and fixed point algorithm for multiply and accumulate, FIR and 1024 FFT.


    Transmitter and Remote terminal receiver modems mathematics blocks representation was converted to RTL blocks ready for the designer to implement in HDL code. Circuits implemented including PN generator, tracking correlators, tracking PLLs, tracking DLLs, tracking code generator, acquisition correlators, acquisition Gold-Code generator, frequency error circuit.

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