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 Shax Contracts DBMG to Assist in Branding Effort 

Shax eNews Aug 04,2014

Shax Engineering Contracts DBMG to Assist in Branding Effort

Isam Shakour, President of Shax Engineering, announced today the signing of D.B. Management Group L.L.C. (DBMG) to work with his company on their sales, marketing and branding effort. Specializing in the design, fabrication and assembly of high-technology printed circuits, Shax Engineering has hired DBMG to help the company develop a sales, marketing and branding effort in the PCB marketplace. In this endeavor, DBMG will focus on further developing Shax Engineering as a true “Total Concept” company. Isam Shakour commented, “We are looking at 2010 as a growth year for our company. We feel that this will be the year when many innovative companies are looking at bringing new products to market and we want to be here to help them do that in a timely fashion. With that in mind, we have engaged with D.B. Management Group to get our name out there in the marketplace. After talking to Dan Beaulieu, I felt very confident in his experience and ability. He will be able to help grow our business.” Added Dan Beaulieu, President of DBMG, “I like this company due to its complementary offering and the strong experience of Isam Shakour and his team in electronics design and manufacturing. Indeed, I like their approach of doing business for these past 13 years. I really look forward to working with them.”

About Shax Engineering: Shax Engineering is an engineering and manufacturing company dedicated to the advancement of technology that provides solutions related to electronics design and manufacturing. The company’s mission is to propel the productivity of electronics-based companies to a higher level of performance. The company was established 1998 with the objective to assist electronic product development; to provide integrated and complemented electronic and manufacturing services; and to help companies in transforming product from lab to manufacturing. The company also provides a unique blend of industry knowledge and expertise. For more information, visit www.shax-eng.com.

About D.B.Management Group L.L.C Founded in 1995, D.B. Management Group L.L.C. (DBMG) is one of the PCB industry’s leading consulting firms. The group has helped over 100 companies in their 14-year history. Along with sales and marketing expertise provided by President Dan Beaulieu, the company also provides a complete menu of PCB solutions from technology to manufacturing, and from engineering to mergers and acquisitions, through their formal association with some of the industry’s leading experts. For more information, visitwww.dbmpcb.com.