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 If you Think It – We Can Build It 

Shax eNews Aug 04,2014

Dear Isam,

Inside this month’s issue:

  • Meeting the needs of PCB engineers to deal with the complexity of in-house prototype assembly
  • Testimony from one of Shax Engineering customers: BullEx Digital Safety

If You Can Think It – We Can Build It

It’s no surprise – things have changed. Functionality has increased on a single IC, and so have the sizes of Integrated Circuits. Still, technology has been steadily marching toward smaller component packaging.

PCB engineers can deal with Through Hole technology that offers simplicity for manually building their own prototype assemblies in-house. With the need to condense space for SMT technology and the introduction of Fine Pitch SMT, CSB’s, BGA and micro BGA packages, sophisticated expertise and equipment are now required to effectively and economically complete assembly of PCB design prototypes. With the transition to higher technology, it would no longer be feasible for engineers to do prototype work in the lab since the investment in machines and tools would not be justified by prototype quantities.

At Shax Engineering, we have the technology and experience to deal with today’s challenges of advanced PCB design technology to meet your prototype assembly needs. Our expertly trained and well-equipped staff specializes in completing short-run PCB prototype assembly and debugging projects.

Give us a call. Tell us what you’ve been thinking, and discover the solution we have for you!

Customer Spotlight: BullEx

We recently completed a PCB assembly project for BullEx Digital Safety. BullEx specializes in providing fire extinguisher training systems and emergency training technologies to companies world wide.

Russ Grant of BullEx had this to say about their experience with Shax Engineering:

“Before using Shax, we had a tough time finding a reliable and friendly supplier to fulfill our PCB needs. We had worked with a few unreliable and unresponsive suppliers before sending our design to Shax for a quote. The response to the RFQ was surprisingly fast and reasonably priced compared to the other suppliers.

Shax has helped us all the way from the prototype state through full production runs and has been there to answer any questions that have come up. They are easy to work with and responsive to concerns we have or design changes in the product. We have always received shipments of quality product on time which makes inventory management simple. I have confidence that when I place an order, it will be here on time.

My experience with Shax has been positive and I have found them to be a reliable supplier who focuses on customer satisfaction.”